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Our mission is to create high quality storytelling performances; provide stimulating experiences and awareness centered workshop opportunities to the public  by  creating safe spaces that promote
self-care, transparent communication and empathy. 

HBC facilitates innovative, Playback and popular theatre workshops to empower personal, collective and creative transformation. Our workshops incorporate improvisation, cooperative theatre games, movement, playwriting, devising original theatre, storytelling, dialogue and more.

Our facilitators are educators, social workers, youth service workers, community organizers and the like who are using their practical experience to support building empathetic and productive cultures in people centered institutions. To enable integration of the skills and these empathetic mindsets we facilitate a process of business based simulations and reflective learning. Each of our trainings are the product of an evenly based logic and creativity model. We take into consideration current studies, scholarly articles, important demographic information and best practices in the following areas: youth engagement and development, effective leadership and workplace dynamics and effective methods of self- and trauma informed care. The practical experience of our facilitators combined with their training in improvisation, role play, instrumentation and stagecraft is integral to meeting the outcomes of our training sessions and workshops.

Services offered for people of every age, ability, race, socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, culture and religion. HBC Theatre looks forward to helping to create a more empathetic and safe environment for your community or institution.

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